Bankstown Intensive English Centre

A school of academics and strong welfare for all students

Telephone02 9796 8138

Caring for our students

Our school environment welcomes and respects people from all backgrounds and countries. The students come from many different nations of the world.

There are new arrivals/new migrants and refugees.

We currently have or have had in the recent past students from:

  • Asia (China, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar)
  • the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, Afghanistan)
  • South America (Bolivia)
  • Africa (Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria)
  • the Pacific Ocean (Papua New Guinea)
  • the Indian subcontinent area (India, Bangaldesh)
  • Europe.

Learning support

Apart from expert teachers in English as a second language (ESL), Bankstown Intensive English Centre has many School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs/Teacher Aides: Ethnic) who help our students and their families in their settlement at the school as well as in the class.

Our SLSOs speak Arabic, Assyrian/Chaldean, Persian (Farsi), Afghani (Dari), Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Vietnamese and Spanish.

Some of our teaching staff also speak an additional language such as Greek, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, Serbian, Croatian, Swedish, Hindi and Tamil.

Counselling service

Bankstown Intensive English Centre has one full-time school counsellor (Monday to Thursday). The school counsellor offers psychological services for the school working with students, teachers and families.

Details about the school counselling service in community languages can be found by visiting the NSW Department of Education website.

Students, parents or guardians can come and speak with the school counsellor and any discussions can remain confidential unless there are child protection concerns. Appointments can be made by ringing the school as well on 02 9796 8138.