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Orientation for new students

All new students who have been accepted at Bankstown Intensive English Centre usually start on the Monday with a special Orientation program following their interview with the  Head Teacher or Second-in-Charge.

Students need to be at school between 8.00am to 8:25am. Orientation class starts at 8:30 in a classroom or in the Office.

Our School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs/Teachers Aides: Ethnic) take the new students through the school rules, hand out exercise books, pens and other stationary and take the students on a tour of the school. 

The Orientation program starts at 8:30am and finishes at 10:20am. New students then start their first class at 10:50am.

The SLSOs help our new students in their first language as well as in English, so the students feel welcomed at the school from the first day.

If new students come late to school on the Monday they should be starting on, then they may not be able to be in that Orientation class. They may be asked to come the following Monday. 

It is very important that all new students come on the Monday they are told to attend as their first day before 8:25am to be in the Orientation class by 8:30am.