Bankstown Intensive English Centre

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Levels and key learning areas

At Bankstown Intensive English Centre students learn English while studying the key learning areas (KLAs).

These subjects help prepare students for the academic challenges at an Australian high school, for example at our host high school, Bankstown Senior College where most of our students continue their studies. 

English language levels

We place students into 4 different English language level classes: 

  • Foundation: Beginners level of English
  • Level 1: Lower level of English
  • Level 2: Intermediate level of English
  • Level 3: Upper intermediate/advanced level of English

When and how do students exit or leave the Intensive English Centre program?

Students usually exit to Bankstown Senior College (high school) or TAFE (technical and further education) from Level 3 or Level 2, if their English has reached an attainable level for them to be successful at their next stage of their studies or if they have exhausted their allowable time of stay at the Intensive English Centre.

The average stay of students at the Intensive English Centre is 4 terms. Students may exit after 4 or maximum 5 terms, if they need more English before they enrol at their high school of choice. Some students may exit the Intensive English Centre after 2 to 3 terms, if their English language skills have reached a satisfactory level for high school studies. 

The IEC Acting Deputy Principal, the IEC Head Teacher and the Second-in-Charge at the IEC in consultation with the class teachers make the decision when the students will be exiting the Intensive English Centre and inform the students in advance.

Key learning areas

The 8 key learning areas are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Information Technology (computers)
  • HSIE (Human Society and its Environment: History/Geography/Civics)
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • Physical Education/Sport (PE)

Students also do:

  • reading in all 3 Levels
  • TAFE (technical and further education) taster courses twice a year in Term 2 and Term 4, for exiting students only from Level 2 and Level 3.

Academic reports

Academic reports on student progress are given to the students 2 times a year, in June and in December.

These reports have comments from the teachers and students are requested to ensure they read these documents as well to understand how they can improve and do better in preparation for high school studies, if that is suggested.